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“Chinese New Year” produced by Chef Goyar-D (

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my peoples keep their head up
in the truest display
do what they gotta do
just to get through the day
back in Hong Kong
where they grew up and stayed
until they immigrated to the US of A

chasin’ the American Dream
a ruff ryde for my pops
guess what
he still shut em down
open up shop
in the back of the kitchen
makin’ wontons
late nights out with my moms
playin’ mahjong

see I was a young’n
but the culture was inside of me
playin’ cards Big 2
never want the diamond three
every Sunday
it was part of the tradition
while y’all was at church
dimsum was our religion

I’m on a quest for
love that’s just part of my pursuits
no matter where I go I’m always
stickin’ to my roots
show you my world
that’s all I’m tryin’ to do here
cause for me everyday is
Chinese New Year

gung hay fat choy
new day new hope
but I ain’t new here
lai see dao loi
everyday is Chinese New Year

gung hay fat choy
new day new hope
but we ain’t new here
lai see dao loi
everyday everyday

while we on the topic
I got something to reveal
can I be real though
I mean really real
cause at one point
yo I was losin’ sleep
thinkin’ bout the first song
that I ever released
lookin’ back it was a
lesson in my eyes
and if you never heard of it
hey that’s just a blessin’ in disguise
learn Chinese dropped
things never been the same
credibility gone
charge it to the game

truly though seemed like a
scene straight outta movie
I was in the studio
with 1/3 of The Fugees
it’d be a understatement
to say I was excited
so when Clef said that’s it
I ain’t hesitate to write it
I was barely 21
but that’s not an excuse
I got on my own two feet
and walked into that booth
to make y’all proud
that’s all I’m tryin’ to do here
cause for me everyday is
Chinese New Year

gung hay fat choy
new day new hope
but I ain’t new here
lai see dao loi
everyday is Chinese New Year

gung hay fat choy
new day new hope
but we ain’t new here
lai see dao loi
everyday everyday

roll out the red carpet
guess we’ve finally arrived
0% luck
100% drive
for your safety
I went through the crash test
life is a road trip
can’t rely on MapQuest

this is for my sisters
and my brothers strugglin’
here’s hopin’ that
you can find comfort in your skin
not better not worse
we just equally blessed
they say we fresh off the boat
yeah the key word is fresh
walk a mile in my shoes
feel the pressure produced
when you’re mentioned in the
same sentence as Bruce
Leeway none given
hard to fill a tall order
almost drowned in the hype
now I’m just tryin’ to be water

Chinese or not
this is for whoever will listen
listen we are more similar than different
unite us all
that’s what I’m tryin’ to do here
cause for us everyday is
Chinese New Year

gung hay fat choy
new day new hope
but I ain’t new here
lai see dao loi
everyday is Chinese New Year

gung hay fat choy
new day new hope
but we ain’t new here
lai see dao loi
everyday everyday


EIR AOI – “sirius” | AFA Singapore Live| Music Video Recorder | Sony

This exciting Eir Aoi’s Live Music Video of “sirius,” the song is an opening theme of a popular TV animation series “KILL-la-KILL,” was shot from various cool angles by using more than 50 Sony Music Video Recorders (MVR) in AFA Singapore 2014.

This unique footage was made by “Timeslice shooting” using 20 MVRs in front of the stage, “360 degree shooting” using Sony Action Cam, and bird’s-eye view of the scene from cameras attached to flying balloons.

Check out Eir’s powerful performance and fans’ enthusiasm in this high-quality epic image+sound by MVRs!!

AFA(アニメ・フェスティバル・アジア) シンガポール 2014で、 藍井エイルが歌うTVアニメ「キルラキル」オープニングテーマ「シリウス」を50台以上のソニーMusic Video Recorder(MVR)であらゆる角度から撮影した。

ステージ前に設置した20台のMVRでのタイムスライス撮影、Sony Action Camを使っての360度撮影、風船でMVRを飛ばして上空から撮影した俯瞰撮影、などユニークなライブ映像も収録されている。


#SonyMVR #YourAudienceAwaits

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Eir Aoi official website:


About Sony:
With a single click of a button, you can record your next jam session with CD-quality audio in uncompressed Linear PCM or versatile, Internet-ready AAC with the new Music Video Recorder from Sony. And sound is only half the story: with a 120° wide-angle lens and an advanced low light sensor, Music Video Recorder is the perfect way to capture the entire essence of every performance.


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EIR AOI – “sirius” | AFA Singapore Live| Music Video Recorder | Sony

By: Music Video Recorder

Breaking Bombay: Akash (Part 3)

Akash was born and lives in Dharavi, one of the world’s biggest slums located in the middle of Mumbai. Akash is also the founder of several local organisations like Slumgods, and more recently Slumgods Tours and Travel, which organises tours in Dharavi for tourists looking for a different perspective of the city and its people.

He got to know about Hip-hop in 2008 thanks to Tiny Drops, a community-based initiative that promoted various Hip-Hop disciplines to young kids in Dharavi. Akash was immediately hooked on break dancing, and he hasn’t stopped since.

Break dancing has boosted Akash’s confidence and notoriety in the neighbourhood and the break dancing scene. He uses the skills and profile he has earned over the years to break the misconceptions about Dharavi and promote the culture.

Home to hundreds of thousands of people, Dharavi faces many challenges today, one of them being the risk of disappearing due to urban development. Situated in a priceless location in the ever-growing city of Mumbai, Dharavi has attracted the attention of developers and city authorities for many years. Different plans for re-development involving the demolition and resettlement of their dwellers are currently under way.

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Red Bull – That One Time: Dingo and the Walking Ghosts

Commissioned by Red Bull Media, this is the first of a series of four films which illustrate surfing stories.

Featuring Dean ‘Dingo’ Morrison

Follow here:

Commissioned by Red Bull Media
Director: Luiz Stockler (
Animation: Luiz Stockler
Design: Luiz Stockler, Dana Giurescu (
Interview: Red Bull Media
Sound: Ana Roman (
Production Manager: Rebecca Little

Produced by Agile Films (

More info on the story here:

By: Luiz Stockler

The SlumGods of Mumbai: hope, hip-hop and the Dharavi way | Guardian Docs

In a real-life Billy Elliott story set in Mumbai’s biggest slum, 15-year-old Vikram loves to dance and dreams of becoming a hip-hop artist. His dance teacher believes in him – but how long can Vikram keep his dancing secret from disapproving parents?
Get the whole picture ►

By: Guardian News & Media Ltd

Little Computer People

The official music video for Chipocrite – “Little Computer People”, featuring the one and only Powaman!

Composed and arranged by Paul Weinstein
Directed, designed and animated by Zach Cohen
© 2014 Chipocrite – Little Computer Music (ASCAP)

Special thanks: Rich Siegel, Moran Arye, Daria Cohen, Josh Steingard, Dino Lionetti, Chris Burke, Cleaversoft, Sony, 8static

Album out Dec. 19! Get it at
Additional info at:

By: Zach Cohen

BERETTA “Human Technology”

Human Technology is an artistic short movie celebrating the uniqueness and the distinction of every Beretta premium gun. This movie by Ancarani Studio, under the creative direction of Paola Manfrin, reveals through the minutia of the manufacturing process, the genesis of a luxury Beretta shotgun. A poetic journey through sterile robotic rooms is blended with five centuries of Beretta’s history, culminating in the final assembly by the gunsmith, ever the wise guardian of the art of manufacturing.

By: Paola Manfrin


New Single『らしさ / わたくしごと』(with LIVE DVD)
M-1「らしさ」Music Video

■撮影 / 監督:池田圭
■Special Thanks to:工藤晴未 / 小笠原治夫 / ACKY / ゆい / こっちゃん / みみ / 上野健 / まさや / 葉子 / 彩那ちゃん

SUPER BEAVER『らしさ / わたくしごと』
2014年05月23日(金)渋谷CLUB QUATTRO
『361°』Release Tour 2014〜周回する、ラクダ〜
【NOID-0002/¥1,200-(税別)/2014.9.24 Release]
発売元:[NOiD]/murffin discs
販売元:Japan Music System

By: ILP x NOiD

Killer Mike – “Reagan” (Official Music Video)

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The hyper-political R.A.P. Music track gets a hyper-political animated video.

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